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Learning the basics of the official language is a requirement if you plan to live in a country for a few weeks, like we do. It opens the doors of the unexpected and enables you to meet locals.

We loved our stay in Moscow mostly because we made friends that got us to see the city with insiders’ eyes. All that thanks to the (very) small effort we made to learn the bare minimum of Russian language required not to be a careless tourist.

Thank you for finding this post online, it simply means that you care too 🙂

Here is the 1% of Russian language you need to make the best of your stay in Moscow.


The most useful words in Russian Language for travelers

  1. Yes / No : (Да / Нет) “Da” / “Nyet”
  2. Hi : (Привет) “Priviet”
  3. Please : (Пожалуйста) “Pozhalusta”
  4. Thank You : (Спасибо) “Spasiba”
  5. Sorry : (извините) “Izvinitye”
  6. Numbers : 1 = “Ah-deen”, 2 = “Dvah”, 3 = “Tree”, 4 = “Che-tyh-ree”, 5 = “Pyat'”
  7. Toilets : (туалет) “Twalet”
  8. How much : (сколько) “Skol’ko”
  9. Where : (где) “Gde”
  10. Cheers : (За здоровье) “Za zdoroviey”
  • Do you understand English ? (Ты понимаешь по английски) “Ty ponimayesh’ po angliyski ?”
  • I don’t understand. (Я не понимаю.) “Ya ne ponimay.”

Wondering why I suggest you use “Do you understand English ?” rather than “Do you speak English ?”, I will explain it on a post on how to quickly master your travel language skills & easily make friends with the locals very soon 🙂

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Most useful Russian words for travel - Life Explorateurs

Specific travel words for Moscow

река Москва : Reka Moskva


Peka Moskva is the name of the River. If you happen to visit Moscow in the summer, head there by the evening and you’ll probably end up sharing some vodka with local students like we did.

Кра́сная пло́щадьKrásnaya plóshchaď


Krásnaya plóshchaď is the original name of the Red Square. This place is central and it’s a very easy landmark to spot if you’re lost. Did you know that “red” in Russian also means beautiful ? So the “Red Square” in actually the “Beautiful Place”.

метро : Metro


This one is easy but quite handy. Moscow is huge, so you’ll definitely have to take the subway but, even if you didn’t had too take it you would have wanted in anyway. Why ? Because Moscow’s Metro is the most beautiful in the world. Some stations look more like artistic installations than public transportation buildings…

Водка : Vodka

Of course… It’s huge there, so it would be a pity not to try it.

This it, you’ve got all the language basics you need to make you stay in Moscow memorable !

Go on our quick guide to make the best of your visit of Moscow.

Still not enough ? Discover Moscow in 1 Minute


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