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These travel resources are here to help you plan your own trip, whether it is a short vacation or long-term travel. We trust and use every website and product listed here, they are our best and true recommendations. We are still in the process of building this resources page so stay tuned for more !

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The Vlog Expedition aims to inspire you with our travel stories but also raise awareness on environmental and global challenges. Here are a few resources to help you travel more sustainably and responsibly !

  • KLM –
  • Ryanair
    Cathay Pacific
  • Easy Jet
  • Continental Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Jet Blue
  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • Alaska Airlines

18 ways to travel more responsibly

  1. Avoid flying and prefer the train ! Not only will you see the landscapes changing but you’ll be using less fuel. 
  2. Plant a tree : if you can’t avoid flying, think about planting a tree to compensate !
  3. Use public transportation : When visiting a city prefer using the city bikes, metro, tram or even the bus instead of taxi.
  4. Travel light : the more you pack the heavier the plane or car gets, and the more CO2 it consumes !
  5. Use less electricity and water : wash your hands and rinse your dishes with cold water, use less water in the shower, turn off the lights when it is not necessary, unplug your electronics, don’t flush the toilets every time, don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth.
  6. Reduce your consumption of plastic & packaging : we, for example, always carry a reusable plastic container with us, when ordering take away or street food, instead of taking their plastic container we ask our food to be put in ours.
  7. Recycle your packaging & plastic : always ask in your hotel, guesthouse or hostel if they have a special bin for recycling. Even if they don’t, the more people ask them, the more they will think about doing it !
  8. Use biodegradable cosmetics : any beauty & toiletries product you use will somehow end up in nature. Use more natural products, it will be good for your body and skin, and for the nature !
  9. Use less beauty products in general, find the ones that can be useful for more than just one thing like coconut oil or baking powder. It’s even better for you as you’ll travel lighter.
  10. Don’t pick wild flowers and plants when hiking
  11. Do not feed wild animals : they will get used to it, then turn into thieves and depend on human beings to eat. And especially don’t give them sweets ! 
  12. Use a refillable water bottle. Especially in parts of the world where tap water isn’t safe, we usually consume a lot of plastic bottles. In Thailand for example, we used the drinking water dispensers. Try to find those where you travel and refill your own bottle there.
  13. Pack a foldable bag or backpack with you. You might end up doing some shopping at the grocery store, try not to use their plastic bags. Again, the more people turn down the offer the more they will think about not using them !
  14. Use a solar portable charger. In some parts of the world electricity might be hard to get anyway so you might need it !
  15. Reduce your meat & fish consumption. We understand not everyone wants to be vegetarian or vegan, but we need to understand the importance of reducing our meat consumption if the human race continues to expand so fast. 
  16. Eat less processed food : they’re usually bad for your health if not for the planet.
  17. Buy & eat more local products. They’re not always more expensive than imported products. You have to think about the impact of importation on the planet and the quality of what you’re eating.
  18. Buy fruits and vegetables from local markets. Instead of going to a supermarket, go to a local market to reduce packaging. It’s also a good way to favorise local producers over imported products.


Flight companies & comparison websites

Here are the main 3 websites we use when looking for flights :


We like to use Kayak Explore : it tells you the cheapest flights from a particular departure place. Great for when you can be flexible with your dates and destination !


Most of the time we find the cheapest flights on Skyscanner, or at least we’re able to see which ones are the cheapest.


Opodo is originally  a French flight comparison website but of course there is an English version and we happen to book directly on it as it sometimes is cheaper than on the company’s website.

Steps to book cheap flights

  1. Use incognito mode and clear your cookies
  2. Use a VPN (we suse CyberGhost) : if for example you’re booking tickets to Southeast Asia, try to connect from a server in SEAsia instead of your own. Most of the times it will be cheaper.
  3. Book and fly midweek : according to a lot of studies, the best time to book cheap flights is the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, in the middle of the night, between 2 and 4am. We have tried it and got indeed a very cheap price.
  4. Book in advance, up until 2 months before departure. After then the prices just go higher.
  5. Subscribe to flight companies and comparison websites’ newsletter and social media to get special deals before the rest of the world.
  6. Look for fares on comparison websites then go on the flight company’s website and check if the price is cheaper. Most of the time it’s the case but it can be more expensive as well. Just check.
  7. Look for fares to/from nearby airports. Example : Flying to/from Johor Barhu is cheaper than Singapore, and only a bus away.

Cheap bus companies in Europe


Originally a German company that extended bus routes in Western and Central Europe. Cheap fares but the buses are not always comfortable.


Ouibus is owned by the French Railway company, they offer many bus routes to the main cities in France and Western Europe. They’re cheap, the buses are comfortable and the service is friendly. Our personal favourite !


Megabus was there before the other two and has always been the cheapest. They also have the oldest buses so it will not be a comfortable journey ! They offer bus routes in the UK and Western Europe.

For France and most of Western Europe you can also use Blablacar : a car pooling website & app. Great for meeting people and save money on transportation !

Commuting in a city

We generally advise to travel by public transportation whenever you’re in a city for 3 main reasons :

  • It’s cheaper
  • You experience what the life really is like in this city
  • It’s less polluting

But of course, sometimes you just want to take a taxi. And for that, we recommend using Uber or Grab in Asia.


If you sign up to Uber, use our code to get a discount on your first trip ! Referral Code :  5svcck61ue


Grab is the Asian equivalent to Uber. Sign up by clicking this link to get a discount !


Free accommodation ? It's possible !


Stay with locals and experience the local life for free ! Not just a free stay but a way to meet new and like minded people and make the best travel memories.


Do you like pets ? Do you like free homestay ? Then sign up to Trusted Housesitters, the most used house-sitting website and get 20% off when using our referral link 🙂


Volunteer to help an organic farm in exchange for free accommodation and meals. An experience we still haven’t tried yet !


An other volunteering work website, but this time broader than just organic farms. Work in hotels or even sailing boats in exchange for free accommodation and food.

Renting a room or an apartment


We use Airbnb all the time either to rent a room in someone’s home or to rent an apartment or a house. Sign up with our referral link to get a discount !


Make a difference and rent a green room ! Stay in tree houses, eco-friendly hotels, organic farmhouses, green b&b and much more.

Hotels & Hostels Finders

With you get pretty good prices on your hotel room, plus if you book 10 nights you get 1 free.


We always check the prices and reviews on Booking as the website is widely used around the world.


Agoda is used mainly in Asia so we use it when the hotels are not listed on Booking or but we always double check the prices as they add their commission at the end !


We like staying in hostels as they are usually more affordable, have a kitchen and we can meet people !

Travel Insurance

AVI International

When it comes to travel insurance, it is without a doubt that you should have one. Not to take care of small medical issues like the flu, but for serious accidents. Keep in mind that anything could happen to you at any moment. And this could mean paying huge hospital bills or being repatriated home. Don’t be stingy on travel insurance !

We subscribed to a European based travel insurance company called AVI International. They have different packages depending on how long your trip will be, its purpose (work, study or tourism) and which countries you’re planning on visiting. For instance, they have a Working Holiday Visa Insurance, which will be great for when we do our Working Holiday Visa in Australia. At the moment we are travelling long-term around the world so we needed a long-term travel insurance. Their Marco Polo package is the best long-term Travel Insurance package we could find in terms of value for money.

The Marco Polo Package outside of USA/Canada is currently 47€ / month which is pretty cheap compared to most Travel Insurance we have come across. Like most Travel Insurances, it covers hospitalization, repatriation, baggage loss, according to certain conditions of course, so make sure you check them. Any medical expenses needed in case of emergency or accident will be covered up to a certain amount, depending on the case. Valuable objects are covered up to 300€ so in this case it is not the best insurance for digital and photo gear, but that’s the case for most travel insurance companies.

We really recommend to check out AVI International different options and packages, and let us know what you think ! And because you are a valuable reader we got you a cheeky discount if you sign up to one of their travel insurance ! You’re welcome !