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After a short day in London with our dearest friend Manon and another long day driving (we drive slowly so we can both truly contemplate the sceneries and save on gas), here we are in Scotland !

This week went pretty fast as we were not as prepared as we should have, so we had to struggle a little bit with our schedule.

Camping in Pentland Hills & Lomond Hills

We spent the first days wild camping in Regional parks (Pentland Hills & Lomond Hills), and here’s a tip about it : there are toilets with hot water and enough space and privacy to build your tent in the main parkings.

What we didn’t anticipate is how cold Scottish spring can be, and our mid-season clothing and sleeping bags were barely enough…

Rosslyn Chapel & the Knights Templar Chief House’s in Scotland

Rosslyn Chapel

During our visit in Rosslyn Chapel, the most symbolic chapel one could imagine, the guide mentioned that the Knights Templar Chief House in Scotland used to be in a Village not too far from Rosslyn… Of course, we went to see him after his tour and asked for more information. He then said that nothing much was remaining, only an arcade (we didn’t find it) is still standing in a field in the village of Temple, about 5 km South/East of Rosslyn.

Well, he wasn’t quite right…

There is nothing remaining of the Chief House, that’s for sure, but the ruins Old Parish Church and its grave yard, that once belonged to the Chief House campus definitely are worth the detour. On top of the historical value (I love legends, especially the ones about old fraternities), this is the perfect setting for a picnic without a single tourist in miles. See it for your self :

2015-06-01 (7)
2015-06-01 (8)

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Hiking in Lochnagar

Hike to Lochnagar and Loch Muick

Didn’t we tell you that is the best social network in the world and that we could never do what we do without it ? Once again, it made our week and road trip to Scotland a success (yes it already worths all the trouble).

Our hosts, the Twin Peakes (Alastair & William) and their girlfriends Maïlys & Rhian are just the best !

3 days in Dinnet with the Twin Peakes & co
3 days in Dinnet with the Twin Peakes & co

The twins live in a huge typical mansion in Cairngorms National Park, with about 10 Labrador puppies and even if they are actually English, they have the most Scottish job possible : they are ghillies aka Salmon Fly Fishing Guides… Of course they love Whisky, but also wine (we spent hours talking about that) and they must have been in even more incredible places than we did. As for the girls, Maïlys & Rhian are the friendliest persons, with lots of stories and thoughts to share as well (and they love wine too !).

3 days in Dinnet with the Twin Peakes & co
3 days in Dinnet with the Twin Peakes & co
3 days in Dinnet with the Twin Peakes & co

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Rhian took us on a hike to Lochnagar and Loch Muick which turned to be THE best hike I’ve ever been on : Gorgeous day with a play of light and shadows, breathtaking sceneries, wildlife and a good exercise, absolutely perfect !

Hike to Lochnagar and Loch Muick

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We are once again extremely happy of this encounter and even grateful to have shared and learned so much valuable things that money could never buy.

Have you been hiking in Scotland too ? Share your stories in the comments below !

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