NextGen Vlog : How it works

Our Next Gen vlogs are a new kind of interactive videos filled with awesome extra content and 360° videos you can play with during the video. The vlog itself is divided between regular video parts and 360 video parts, it's not over until you see the final EXPLORE button showing up.

You'll find an EXPLORE menu at the end of the vlogs or in the footer, where you can find Violette's pictures, 360 videos, practical blog posts on how to organize a similar trip and lots of other cool stuff !


There are 2 ways to enjoy the vlogs :

  • Just try clicking on stuff in the video as it appears and see what happens, that's my favorite way to go.
  • Or, If you just want to chill and enjoy watching the vlog, you can also seat back, relax and only interact with the content in the EXPLORE menu at the end of the video. Don't worry, everything's there too, you won't miss a thing.

Want to get more familiar with the NextGen Vlogs ? Try the tiny showcase

*Please use Google Chrome Browser for an optimal experience on both mobile and desktop.