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Whether you are going to the Gobi Desert or on Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal with the Transmongolian Train, you’ll need to bond with locals on your way to get the best out of your experience. What best than learning their language to do so ? Most people speak Russian in Mongolia but learning some Mongolian language surely won’t hurt.

Here is the 1% of Mongolian language you need to make the most of your stay in Mongolia.

Baïkal Lake, Russia

The handiest words in Mongolian Language for travelers

  1. Yes / No : (Тийм / Үгүй) Tiim / Ugui 
  2. Hi : (Сайн уу) Sain uu
  3. Please : (Гуйж байна.) Guij baina
  4. Thank You : (Баярлалаа.) Bayarlalaa 
  5. Sorry : (уучлаарай) Uuchlaarai
  6. Numbers : 1 neg, 2 hoyor, 3 gurav, 4 doruv, 5 tav
  7. Toilets : WC
  8. How much : (хичнээн) Khichneen
  9. Where : (хаана) Khaana
  10. Cheers : (Эрүүл мэндийн төлөө!) Erüül mendiin tölöö
  • Do you understand English ? (Чи англи хэл ойлгодог уу ?) Chi angli khel oilgodog uu ?
  • I don’t speak Mongolian. (Би монгол хэл мэдэхгүй.) Bi mongol khel medekhgüi.

Pint it !

Most Useful Mongolian Words for Travelers Life Explorateurs

Here you go, you’ve got all the language skills you need to become a proper steppe nomad.

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