Violette & I spent too much time in our office planning our next adventure : Expedition 100 where you are exploring with us our top 100 most extraordinary places on Earth.

We almost forgot that we became digital nomads to challenge the routine in our lives so we decided to go on an improvised adventure : a roadtrip on the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand.

It’s a “NextGen vlog” so it means in this case that the video can turn into a 360 interactive video and that you’ll find useful extra content displayed on a map, if you want go for the same loop or if you’re just looking for cool stuff to do in Pai.

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Music : Those Nights (Vlog Music) by Dj Quads
Music provided by Audio Library


  1. Ghislaine Corazza

    Super sympa et musique dynamique et photos superbes

  2. Gonzalete

    Kinda curious why you dropped your other blog website and didn’t move all the blog posts to this page… Cool idea for a channel though 😉

    • Antoine

      Thank you !
      Good question 🙂
      We wanted a fresh start with this new website/domain name where the content will be quite different from what we did on our previous blog so there is no real need to migrate it. On the contrary, it would have made this website quite confusing. It’s not the wisest decision SEO wise but who cares, we do what we love.
      Of course, we kept our social networks which is the real deal.


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