Expand your world.

The Vlog Expedition is the combination of inspiring travel stories, that open up perspectives in life, and useful resources, that give concrete solutions on how to do better with less.

We assemble all this content into a new interactive video format we call NextGen vlog, where video is the king of all other media and where 360 video finds it’s true place at the heart of the story.


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Our Vision

The mission : inspire to tackle global challenges.

We live in the most exciting time in history !

Us, humans, face unprecedented global challenges and we have the tools to address them.

Challenges are global. Our lifestyle is global too.

But we collectively fail to emotionally connect with this reality.

It is very hard to actually feel like a “world citizen”. But yet we all are.

Our lives are impacted by the world as a whole, whether we want it or not.

Closing down, hiding behind artificial borders and walls is not a solution.

On the contrary, bonding together now is the only way to make a positive change before it’s too late.

The way we think of the world is shaped by stories, dreams and social norms we often mistake for reality.

We believe that it is time to renew those stories we choose to believe in, to build new dreams of happiness.

In our vlog series, we want to show our idea of life where creativity is key, where travel is responsible & sustainable, where success is defined by the positive impact one have, where business & universal values are indivisible, where the meaning of life is simply doing what you love, where the global interest comes first, where what’s desirable is what is genuinely beautiful, timeless & sometimes very fragile…

Because this is a world we can only build together, we created Resources Pages where you’ll find every tip we can give or every lead we have on doing what we do better while using less resources. As we believe that stories are the most powerful tool to change the world for the better, we’re giving tips for you to become a NextGen vlogger too.

Even more about us ? Before The Vlog Expedition we had a Culture & Travel blog called Life Explorateurs, but that’s another story…


Antoine Le Guen

Antoine Le Guen

Interactive Video, Music & Storytelling

Do Better With Less.

I use my Youtube channel as a daily L@b, where I test new kinds of video storytelling.

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Violette Vauchelle

Violette Vauchelle

Photography, Art Creation & Social Media

Be curious. Be creative.

I am the Photographer and the Mastermind behind the Expedition. I also do fun stuff on Snapchat.

Check out my photography portfolio and Instagram.

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When adventure meets creativity

A couple of creative storytellers, Violette & Antoine, are taking you on the trip of a lifetime, exploring their top 100 most extraordinary places on Earth in a new and creative way

This is our first NextGen vlog series, where you will be able to explore insanely awesome locations on the planet like you never did before.

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