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You have a couple of days transit in Hong Kong and you don’t know what to do yet ? This post is for you !

First of all, avoid the humid season : April to October ; because it is indeed, extremely humid (about 90 %), plus, HK is a very polluted city… But, air-con is widely spread, from malls to public transportation and we’ve found it mandatory.

Keep in mind that you’re both in China and in the U.K. culturally speaking, even if Chinese culture prevails. Bruce Lee’s city is a medley of old Chinese shops, restaurants & markets with left hand driving, fish & chips, pubs and imperial buses.

1. The Symphony of Lights


Show up at the Star Ferry Harbor at 8:00 P.M. and you’ll witness what is called “The Symphony of Lights”, meaning Central down town district getting illuminated for a few minutes in a very outdated way… Why is it your first priority ? Because the view on Central is stunning and you’ll get to touch Bruce Lee’s statue.

2. Sai Kung harbor

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

We went on a boat ride to discover Sai Kung Bay and really appreciated it. The harbor displays a lot of nice sea food restaurant we couldn’t afford as we were on a shoestring budget. One can buy fish directly to the fishermen on the harbor and make a restaurant cook it for quite cheap, the only thing is that no one speaks English, but who cares !

3. Kowloon District


If you have some digital devices shopping to do, this is the place. It is also a good spot for digital gears, we bought our camera protection in neoprene there. However, be careful of scams and fakes, especially concerning smartphones.

4. Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

That weird-way-too-long-name hides one of the quietest place I’ve been to in my life, and as you’re in HK, it is stuck between huge skyscrapers. The incense people are moving over their heads help creating that deep relaxing atmosphere…

5.  Victoria Peak

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Want more pics ? Check our Hong Kong Flickr album !

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Victoria Peak is the highest point of view in HK. Taking the bus to reach the top is a lot cheaper than taking the cable car (as always bus wins) ! There, you’ve got two options : going with everyone else in the Sky Tower Complex that presents no interest whatsoever or walking along the trails around the Peak. There’s an easy one and a hard one, we piked the shorter version and loved it ! It oddly felt like walking in a rain forest above a modern city…

As always we were hosted by a Couch Surfing guest called Mikael, a real German entrepreneur born in Stockholm who spent his life in Hong-Kong and married a Filipino girl. Amazing encounter and experience, as always ! I made him a French Lyon style salad with British ingredients… It ended up to be nice anyway !


Have you ever been to Hong Kong ? How did it go ? Let us know in the comments below !

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