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A whole month road tripping around Scotland and wild camping.

How great does this sound ?! Try the interactive video here.

It was pretty amazing, we saw the most beautiful sceneries, we met some wonderful people, but we were also cold and broke sometimes… Let us tell you our thoughts and feelings on this 1-month camping trip around Scotland.

Our itinerary

Let’s talk numbers

Nights spent in the car : 11

Nights spent in the tent : 6

Nights spent at Couchsurfers’ & friends’ : 12

Sheep : unknown number

Midges bites : too many

Pints of beer : 9

Fish & Chips : 6

Glasses of Whisky : 10

Budget : 1500€ (£1052)

Transportation : 756,76€ (£530,28)

Food & Shopping : 704,49€ (£493,65)

Nights out & gift shopping : 82,03€ (£57,48)

Sightseeing : 29,34€ (£20,56)

Accomodation : 0€ (£0)

Total = 1572,62€ (£1101,97)*

We liked :

  • People we met
3 days in Dinnet with the Twin Peakes & co
  • The landscapes, a true challenge for any photographer
The Outer Hebrides
The Outer Hebrides

Hike to Lochnagar and Loch Muick
  • Fish & chips in Oban
  • All you can eat Indian buffet in Edinburgh at 6.95£
Indian Buffet Edinburgh
  • Irn Bru

  • Free entries in whisky distilleries
Whisky, Loch Ness & Skye

We didn’t like :

  • The parking fine we got in London (which we did get sorted though)
  • Midges (HATE)
  • Fuel prices (from £1.14 p.l. to £1.85 p.l.= 1.62€ p.l. to 2.65€ p.l. !!)
  • Constant bad weather : Cold wind on the Hebrides, heavy rains and 5°C at nights*
  • Deep fried mars bars (sorry people, deep fried mars bars are just gross)

*About the weather : I already hear you saying “well, it’s Scotland, what did you expect ?!” And I will answer : I lived in Edinburgh for 2 years and travelled around Scotland a lot. I’ve never seen (and I’m not the only one to say that) such a bad weather in June. I know Scotland is cold and rainy and everything, but it’s not supposed to be that bad, especially in June !

Things to know about wild camping in Scotland

  • First of all it is legal to wild camp in Scotland as long as you follow some common sense rules. Read the Outdoor Access Code.
  • We sometimes wished we had a campervan, it would have been much more comfy than our tiny Peugeot 106 for all these nights we were unable to set up the tent due to the rain or heavy winds.
  • Finding spots for the tent is easy, what’s difficult is finding a spot for your car next to your tent.
  • Wild camping is a lot of fun ! Scotland has plenty of remote areas where you will feel like the only one in the world (which is one of the best feelings).
  • You will find many public toilets with fresh water and sometimes showers, usually at National Parks’ Visitor Centres & Car Parks and also next to Visit Scotland Offices. Therefore if you worry about hygiene, don’t, you will have plenty of options.
  • The east shore of the Loch Lomond is forbidden to wild campers, there will be a few campsites or you can keep going east and camp in the forest.
  • Best time for camping would be May-early June or September, Summer is full of midges and Winter is… well, cold. Although we had probably the worst weather anyone has seen in June so far (how lucky are we).
  • Regardless of the time of year you’re going, make sure you bring warm clothes and appropriate camping gear ! We had light sleeping bags and it almost felt like my toes were turning into ice.
  • We are not paper persons, therefore we will recommend you to exchange your map for your smartphone, Google Maps works very well once you saved your map offline !

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All in all, even if this trip to Scotland was rough because of the weather and the money we spent, we saw the most beautiful sceneries, we met some wonderful people, we tried new things and learned life lessons. Which is the point of travelling isn’t it ?

Do you have any experience of camping around Scotland ? Do you have anything to add to this post ? Tell us in the comments below !

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